SAT Prep Courses

Current Class Offering

Day Date Time
Thursday October 12, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm
Thursday October 19, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm
Thursday October 26, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm
Wednesday November 1, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm
Thursday November 9, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm
Thursday November 16, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm
Thursday November 30, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm

Delivery:  Zoom classroom
Cost:  $275
Required Textbooks: 

  1. The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board, 2020 Edition, ISBN# 978-1457312199 or 2018 Edition-ISBN# 978-1457309281 (the practice tests are identical; feel free to purchasing the less expensive option)
  2. 500 SAT Math Questions to Know by Test Day by Anaxos Inc., 3rd Edition, McGraw Hill Publisher, ISBN# 978-1264277803

    Email Christine Cicio at [email protected] for the registration link. 

SAT Prep Course Overview

The course focuses on effective strategies for SAT Reading, Math, and English.  Learners will engage with in-class reading exercises, practice passages, oral discussions, and close reading techniques that will equip learners with the necessary tools for success on the SAT.

Learners are expected to attend every session willing to participate in oral discussions and complete practice exercises in advance.


  • Master all necessary content, timing, and test-taking strategies

  • Review essential Math computations and formulas

  • Learn top 100+ essential vocabulary words

  • Complete 4 full-length practices tests

  • Improve overall study habits

  • Identify and reflect on strengths and areas of development

Instructional Method

  • Students will become familiar with the terms and concepts associated with the SAT Test

  • Students will demonstrate their grasp of skills and strategies on practice tests and class participation

  • Students will develop mastery of conventional language usage, college-level writing skills, and advanced reading comprehension, competence

  • Students will develop advanced problem-solving skills related to mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, and graphical interpretation and analysis

Meet the Instructor

Mr. Anthony is a Premier ACT + SAT Pre Instructor.  In addition to teaching the SAT Strategy course, Anthony is the director and co-founder of an educational service company  where he created proprietary online learning platform and published materials related to key strategies and advanced practice problems for SAT Prep.  Anthony completed Stanford University Medical Centers Fellowship in Cardiology and holds a BS in Biomedical Science with minors in Business Administration, Chemistry, and Gender Studies, earning the gold Presidential Award for Academic Excellence.  He taught chemistry, biology, mathematics and business literacy to high school student and was awarded the National Teacher of the Week.

Who Should Take This Course?

Generally speaking, students begin preparation for the SAT/ACT tests during or after having completed Algebra 2, not a specific year of school.  Much of the content on the SAT/ACT is a fundamental review of the many topics students build on beginning in middle school.

The University reserves the right to cancel a course section if the minimum enrollment is not met.