Backyard Ecology

Backyard Ecology and Sustainability:  How to Save the World

Is there more to the nature around us than meets the eye? Join us at Backyard Ecology Camp to find out about the incredible components of our environment that make up our backyards. Campers will have the opportunity to become naturalists and explore the plants and animals that play a big part in our environment. They will also take some time to study botany and learn to identify trees and plants in our area by using campus as our backyard. Just as it is important to know what our environment is composed of, it is also important to learn how to keep it healthy. Campers will uncover the ways they can play a part in their own community to make the environment cleaner and healthier. Join us as we work in teams to sample, record, and analyze our findings using science and math skills!

This camp focuses on:

  • Campers will learn about the different plants and animals found in the local environment.

  • Campers will learn the components of a healthy ecosystem.

  • Campers will explore how they can make a difference in keeping the environment clean and healthy.

  • Working in collaboration with others to enhance peer communication and teamwork

August 5-9, 2019
Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Grade Level

Entering Grades 3 - 5

Camp Fee and Registration–

Fee: $325
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Meet Your Instructor

Kaitlyn Hunt

Kaitlyn is a senior at Penn State Abington graduating in the spring with a degree in Early Childhood Education. This is her third year with the Penn State Summer Camps, and she is so excited to be back to teach camps this year. In her free time, Kaitlyn likes to do crafts, learn new things, and spend time outside.