PASSS Program Costs

In-State Students (Summer 2021)

Tuition & Fees for 6 credits: $3,468
Scholarship: -$2000
Total cost to student: $1,468

The summer PaSSS program costs include tuition and fees for 2 courses (a total of 6 credits). 

Because the PaSSS scholarship does not fully cover the costs of the program, we strongly encourage you to complete the 21-22 FAFSA ( as soon as possible so you may be reviewed for additional aid eligibility. The deadline for the 21-22  FAFSA is June 30. Students may be eligible for up to $1,586 in the Federal Pell grant and other aid. The 22-23 FAFSA that you may have already completed is for the 2022-2023 academic year which begins in Fall 2022.

Please contact our campus Financial Aid Office with any questions you may have about PaSSS costs or financial aid. 

Financial Aid at Penn State Abington

[email protected]
215-881-7600 (Option 3)