Zack De Piero, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor of English Composition, English
Sutherland, 214
Penn State Abington
119 Sutherland Building
Abington, PA 19001

Current and upcoming courses at Penn State Abington:

  • ENG 015 Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG 202A Writing in the Social Sciences
  • ENG 202D Business Writing
  • ENG 211 Introduction to Writing Studies
  • ENG 250 Peer Tutoring in Writing
  • COMM 476 Philadelphia Sports Journalism

Teaching experiences: I’ve had the fortune of working in numerous roles that have each shaped how I conceptualize education, specifically, postsecondary writing education.

From 2009-2011, I taught English in the Philadelphia School District—first, at a “magnet” high school that focused on the creative and performing arts then, a year later, at a junior high school labeled “high risk and “persistently dangerous.”

From 2012-2016, while I pursued my Ph.D in southern California, I worked as a Writing Center Director of a small social justice-oriented university as well as a Teaching Assistant (Communication Department) and Teaching Associate (Writing Program) for a large “R1” university.

I’ve adjuncted at numerous other schools, including community colleges and a program for the visual arts. Most recently, I held a “postdoc” position as a lecturer with UPenn’s Critical Writing Program.

Previous courses taught:

  • First-Year Composition
  • Advanced Composition, Business Writing and Professional Communication
  • Theories of Communication
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Introduction to Ethnography, Personal Journal, Public Speaking


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De Piero, Z & Johnson, J. (2020). Doorways to Disciplinarity: Using Threshold Concepts to Bridge Disciplinary Divides and Develop Theory-Practice Praxis. In Macauley, B. (Ed.), Threshold Conscripts: Liminalities and Thresholds in Rhetoric and Composition TAships and the Programs They Inhabit. Utah State University Press. Under review.

De Piero, Z. (2019). Illuminating Reading as Intellectual Work: The Tacit Labor of the Writing Classroom [Special issue]. Journal of College Literacy and Learning.

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De Piero, Z. (2018). Review of Writing at the State U: Instruction and Administration at 106 Comprehensive Universities, by Emily Isaacs, Journal of Writing Assessment.

Ph D, Language, Literacy, and Composition Studies , University of California Santa Barbara

MED, Secondary English Education, Temple University

BA, International Affairs; Philosophy and Religion, James Madison University