Fresh Start Career Series: Career Exploration in 2022

The impact that the pandemic has had on career choice is here to stay. Many people are considering a job transition, career change, or reentry back into the workforce. Others are seeking opportunities that are flexible, providing an essential work-life balance. Join the Penn State Abington Continuing Education Department as we explore career opportunities and development in this new environment.

Finding the Right Certificate/Training Program for your Career Goals

Are you interested in pursuing a professional development or certification opportunity? This decision should be made carefully to ensure that you are selecting a program that meets your needs.

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Digital Marketing – How can dual certification boost your career?

Learn more about how you can sharpen your digital marketing skills and create effective online marketing strategies to drive traffic to your webpages. Stay competitive in today's market by earning internationally recognized dual certifications from the American Marketing Association and the Digital Marketing Institute at your own pace through our 30-hour, self-paced online course. Come and learn more about how you can enhance your marketing skills!

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Aging Life Care 101: What do you need to know about this growing career?

Aging Life Care is a complex process that integrates areas as diverse as human development, health, mental health, family dynamics, community resources, law, finance, culture, and spirituality.  It’s also about the manner in which the professional utilizes themselves in multi-dimensional roles to facilitate cohesion across settings, services, organizations, entitlements, family members, and community. It is therefore imperative that Aging Life Care Professionals have a suite of knowledge, skills, competencies, and resources in order to deliver high-quality services to clients, employers, and constituents. These talents also need to be grounded in a code of ethics and standards of practice that represent principles of conduct when confronted with ethical and/or business dilemmas. This session will explore the field of Aging Life Care -- it is not just a business -- it is shaping the lives of people for generations to come! 

Dates: September 13th and 20th
Time: 6-8 pm

Nancy E. Avitabile, LMSW, CMC 
Jennifer Crowley, BSN, RN, CLCP, CADDCT, CDP, CMC  
Shanna Huber, BSN, MSN/Ed, RN, CCM, CLCP, CNLCP, CMC

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Tips to Navigate the Modern Job Search

How has the advancement of technology changed the traditional job search?  How can you make your application and resume stand out from the crowd?  What modes of communication from employers should you expect during the search process?

Join Penn State Abington Continuing Education as we address these questions and more to give you tips and tools you need to navigate the modern job search.  There will be ample time for audience questions.

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Project Management Lunch and Learn

Join us for a virtual information session to learn more about the Project Management Certificate program offered by Penn State Abington Continuing Education.  You will hear directly from the experienced program instructors about the program content, structure, and instructional approach.

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