Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP)

Penn State Abington's Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) is an academic retention program rooted in the academic success of our students.  Eligibility for the CSP is determined at the time of admission and is for only Pennsylvania residents.

CSP candidates demonstrate the potential to be successful college students, but who may require specialized and structured academic support.  Students will have a campus-wide support system and a specialized support system within the CSP office.  It is the goal of this learning community to improve the quality of the students' academic careers and to enhance the graduation of its members.  Students are the key importance of this program and all of its members, students, faculty, and staff work collaborately to ensure personal and academic success.

A note from the Coordinator:

Welcome to the CSP page at Penn State Abington.  CSP is an incredibly important program that is designed to help you succeed here at Abington.  My focus is to help guide you in any way possible to be successful in your academic journey.  Academic success is our priority.  There are educational, cultural, and social programs specifically for you as an CSP student; all of these help you feel connected to one another, as well as connected to the campus.  Remember that what you put into your college journey is what you will ultimately get out of it!

Chris Walters

[email protected]