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In our diverse learning community, children, working professionals, older adults, alumni and people from throughout the region find an active intellectual environment.



East Meets West

In today's  global economy, companies are faced with the challenge of integrating western and eastern business practices. Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, is a region full of growth and profitability. Now is the time for companies to learn how to successfully conduct business with this region.

Learn about:

    Conducting business in Vietnam
    Establishing partnerships with Vietnamese business counterparts
    Experiencing the challenges of doing business in Vietnam
    Employing Vietnamese nationals within your business organization

Hear from a panel of area business professionals and experts on how to succeed globally.


For more information, please email Kena Sears at  Register


Spanish for the Healthcare Professions - Today's healthcare professional must be equipped with effective and applicable training that will provide equal care to all regardless of race and language barriers.

Community Interpreter Program - Interpreters are everywhere. From hospital rooms to courtrooms, from tourist attractions to war zones, helping to negotiate high-level business deals or mediating conflicts on the streets of Philadelphia, interpreters are needed all over the world.

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Adult learners with post-undergraduate training move up the corporate ladder much faster.

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