Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides opportunities for students to become involved in and connected to Penn State Abington. Our role is to provide a link between students’ classroom experiences to activities beyond the classroom.  Through programs and services, the college experience is enriched, personal growth and development are facilitated, and the educational mission of the College is supported.  The Office of Student Life provides students the necessary tools and resources for their individual and student organization success as well as supports student advocacy efforts.

Why You Should "Get Connected"

 Involvement is the best way to help you transition to Abington and life as a college student.   You are now a member of the Abington community and we value your contributions to our community.   Your connections and relationships will include other students, faculty and administrators which result in relationships that will be important to your college success. Students who are involved:

•    receive better grades and are successful in their academic program
•    are more satisfied with their overall college experience
•    are more likely to stay in school
•    are more marketable when job searching and/or applying to graduate school.

Tips on Getting Connected

Choose opportunities that interest you. Some students are tempted to choose an involvement opportunity simply because it is what their friend(s) are doing. While participating with friends is fun, make sure you chose to get involved with activities that appeal to you

Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you have never played ping pong  before, don’t be afraid to join the ping pong club. Part of the fun of involvement is trying new things.


Find a balance. Research shows that more involvement leads to more benefits, however, don’t  over program yourself. Make sure you engage in various out-of-classroom activities, but don’t neglect your academics or your personal well being.
Don’t take on too many new activities all at once. When deciding which activities to get involved with, make sure you start slow and add activities as you get comfortable with your schedule. Taking on too much at one time can lead to burn out.

Ask Questions. The Student Life staff is here to help you find ways for you to make meaningful connections, grow and become a well rounded person.  Visit us on the 2nd floor of Lares to learn more about ways for you to get involved on campus.

Ways to Get Connected
Club and Organization involvement
Campus Traditions
LEAP Programming Board
Community Service

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Get involved - join a Service or Advocacy student organization!


Abington has a long tradition of giving back to our surrounding community.