Lunch Groups

Lunch Groups starting during Common Break run by the Campus Psychologist - Rachel Breskman, MEd, CAC,


Lunch is provided!


All groups are held in the Spring House during Common Break and anyone can come once or for as many times as you can make it! Come get a voucher to take to the cafeteria, buy lunch and come back and join together to eat lunch.



Listening to the Listerners: For the Overly Responsible 


For people who are the helpers and always had to help others, had to grow up too fast, have everyone depend on them. This is a time for those who take care of others to be able to explore their own needs and get support.



Got Stress? De-Stress with Rachel!


Who isn't stressed these days? Take time out for relaxation techniques, venting and sharing coping skills and tips with others. Come and meditate or share or whatever the people in the group want to focus on!



Making Connections

For students who are having difficulties connecting with others on campus.

Rachel Breskman, MEd, CAC
Rachel Breskman, MEd, CAC
Campus Psychologist