Go - 60

Registration for the Spring Semester

will take place on Friday, January 9, 2015 from 9-10 a.m.

in the Solarium of the Sutherland Building.


Please note, due to the record number of undergraduate students registered at Abington, the number of courses available to Go-60 students will be limited. 

Also, please note that Go-60 students are responsible for the technology and facilities fees for each course.

Cost for the Fall term is:

Technology Fee

If your total number of credits above are between 1 – 4, add $86  

If your total number of credits above are between 5 – 8, add $189

Facilities Fee

If your total number of credits above are between 1 – 4, add $37   

If your total number of credits above are between 5 – 8, add $90  

So, for example, if you are taking one course the cost is

$86  + $37  = $123 total.

If you are taking two courses the cost is:

$189 + $90 = $279 total


Here is the list of courses available for Go60 Students from the fall, I will post the spring list on Wednesday, January 7 in the afternoon.

Fall 2014 Courses Available to Go-60 Students


Sch #              Title               Sec      Day     Begins Ends  Bldg    Room

366682          ANTH 045      101     M         600     840     SUTHRLND     204

376300          ANTH 045      102     W        600     840     SUTHRLND     204

ANTH 045 (GS;US;IL) Cultural Anthropology (3) Beginnings of human culture; economic life, society, government, religion, and art among traditional peoples. 


365599          CRIMJ200      001     T R      430     545     SUTHRLND   320

CRIMJ 200 Introduction to Security and Loss Control (3) A general introduction to the field of private security and asset protection.  


367027          ECON 351      001     T R      1100   1215   CONF CTR     102

ECON 351 Money and Banking (3) Money, credit, commercial and central banking, financial intermediaries, treasury operations, monetary theory and policy, and foreign exchange. Students who have already taken Econ. 451 may not schedule this course. 
ECON 102 orECON 104   



458167          EDPSY014     002     R         430     710     SUTHRLND   204

EDPSY 014 Learning and Instruction (3) Psychology of human learning applied toward the achievement of educational goals; evaluation of learning outcomes.  



430636          ENGL 211      001     T R      300     415     SUTHRLND   208

ENGL 211 Introduction to Writing Studies (3) This course introduces students to the most salient issues and theories in writing studies. Students explore contemporary theories and issues about writing in order to understand writing as a skill and a complex object of study in various professional contexts. 
ENGL 015 orENGL 030 ; third semester standing   



456259          FIN  301         003     T R      430     545     SUTHRLND   311

FIN 301 Corporation Finance (3) Nature of finance function; risk and return concepts; working capital; dividend policies; mergers; security markets; acquisition and management of corporate capital; analysis of operations, forecasting capital requirements; raising capital; and planning profits. Available to Baccalaureate students only. Not available to students who have taken B A 301. 
ENGL 015 orENGL 030;ACCTG 211;ECON 102 orECON 104;SCM 200 orSTAT 200   



367045          H P A101       101     M         600     840     SUTHRLND   308

H P A 101 Introduction to Health Services Organization (3) Examination of the social, political, historic, and scientific factors in the development and organization of health services.  



367048          H P A332       101     R         600     840     SUTHRLND   215

H P A 332 Health Systems Management (3) Introduction to and analysis of managerial roles and practices in health service organizations. 
Effective: Spring 1987 
H P A 101   


370243          HIST 160       101     T         600     840     SUTHRLND   226

HIST 160 (US) American Naval History (3) Introduction to the role of the United States Navy in the defense, diplomacy, commerce, and scientific development of the nation.  


370246          HIST 173       101     M W    600     715     SUTHRLND   213

HIST 173 (GH;IL) Vietnam in War and Peace (3) Rise of nationalism and communism; origins of conflict; United States involvement; impact on postwar regional and international politics; contemporary Vietnam.  


370255          HIST 175       001     M W    430     545     SUTHRLND   213

HIST 175 (GH;IL) The History of Modern East Asia (3) Comparative survey of the internal developments and external relations of China and Japan since their contact with the industrialized West.  


430444          HIST 297B    001     T R      300     415     WOODLAND  345

HIST 297B History Goes Outside (3) Learn how historical thinking moves from scholars to the public -- examine museums, films, historic districts and some other professional pathways. 


370285          INART005     101     R         600     915     WOODLAND  112

INART 005 The Performing Arts (Theater, Ballet, Modern Dance, Opera, Musical Theater, and Symphonic Music). The  course is a study of the basic principles of each of those arts with illustrative examples shown during each class. The goal is to enable the class participants to be better prepared consumers of the arts.  There will also be one or two field trips to professional productions in the Philadelphia area. 



 458692          J ST 114         002     M   F   1100   1215   SUTHRLND   206

 ST 114 (GH;US;IL) (RL ST 114) Modern Judaism (3) Trends in Jewish life and thought since the French revolution; Judaism's responses to the challenge of modernity.  


430867          LTNST100     101     M         600     840     WOODLAND  135

LTNST 100 (GH;US) Introduction to Latina/s Studies (3) This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the study of Latinas/os in the U.S. 


425821          MKTG 342     001     T R      300     415     WOODLAND  319

MKTG 342 Marketing Research (3) Research approaches, methods, and applications studied as a formal approach to problem solving for marketing decisions. 
B A 303 orMKTG 301;SCM 200 orSTAT 200   


367111          R M  302        101     M         600     840     SUTHRLND   222

R M 302 Risk and Insurance (3) Introduction to the principles and methods of handling business and personal risks; emphasis on insurance techniques. 
Effective: Spring 2012 
Prerequisite: fourth-semester standing  


369058          RHS  100       001     T R      430     545     SUTHRLND   227

RHS 100 (GS;US;IL) Introduction to Disability Culture (3) Social and cultural contexts of disability on both a micro and macro levels will be examined.  


366799          SOC  019        101     R         600     840     SUTHRLND   308

SOC 019 (GS) Sociology of Popular Culture (3) Students are introduced to the sociological study of how popular culture is produced, consumed, and experienced.  


458308          THEA 102     101     T         600     840     SUTHRLND   320

THEA 102 (GA) Fundamentals of Acting (3) Introduction to the art and craft of acting for non-theatre majors.  


370522          THEA 105     001     T R      930     1045   SUTHRLND   213

THEA 105 (GA) Introduction to Theatre (3) An introduction and overview of the history, craft, and art of the theatre to foster an informed appreciation of theatrical events. This course is an alternate to THEA 100.  




Program application form.


This Penn State Abington program offers tuition-free enrollment in undergraduate credit courses to people who are
At least 60 years old

Retired or working less than half-time

Pennsylvania residents

Participants of GO-60 are permitted to enroll in undergraduate credit course(s)-

on a "space available basis" only
numbered 001 through 399
that are offered in the afternoon and the evening (morning classes are normally not available)
Go-60 is limited to 6 credits per semester. Additional credits may be taken at the current tuition rate. Students must meet any course prerequisites and follow established rules, regulations and procedures applicable to all students.

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