Camps By Subject

Below is a listing of the camps, arranged by subject area, that are being offered during the 2015 summer season.  Camp registration fees range in price from $305 to $335 per week. 


The 2015 summer camp registrations will be open in February 2015.



Art and Culture Camps     

Book Assemblage Art (Grades 6-8) - Explore 2-D and 3-D art techniques in the pages of a book.

  • Creation Station (Grades 3-5) - Unleash your creative potentional in this week of artistic and imaginative fun.
  • Film Appreciation (Grades 9-12) - Analyze what makes a “good” film by screening and discussing classic and current films.
  • History Through Film and Music (Grades 6-8) - Experience and explore history as it is portrayed in film and music.
  • Painting, Drawing and More Art Camp (Grades 9-12) - Explore a variety of media, including pen and ink, paints and pastel.
  • Playing With Imagination Art Camp (Grades 3-5) - Experiment with different art techniques and bring your imagination to life!
    Time Travelers (Grades 3-5) - Take a journey through time and explore events that made history.
  • Wonderful Wearable Art (Grades 3-5) - Create wearable items using a wide variety of materials.


    Computer Camps

    • Multimedia Design (Grades 6-8) - Design your own web page by learning HTML basics and web page coding. 

      What's Inside Your PC? (Grades 6-8) - Learn how your computer works and what the different parts do.



    Engineering, Robotics & Math Camps  

    • Lego Learning Camp (Grades 3-5) - Explore and learn about design, engineering and art.
    • Lego Robotics (Grades 4-6) - Build your own robot inventions in this hands-on workshop.
    • Math Options for Girls (Grades 6-10) - Explore the many different career choices available in fields involving science, technology, engineering and math.
    • Rocking with Rocketry (Grades 6-8) - Learn rocket construction techniques.
    • Science of Flight (Grades 3-5) - Study the science behind different types of flying machines and build your own.
    • VEX Robotics and Engineering Design (Grades 6-8 and 9-12) - Design and build robots to compete in high energy and exciting challenges.



    Literature, Writing & Public Speaking Camps

    • Creative Writing Workshop (Grades 6-8) - Script your own short stories, poems, narratives, and biographies to form your very own writing portfolio.
    • Flights in Fantasy Writing Workshop (Grades 6-8) - Learn to make your fantasies take flight as you hone your writing skills.
    • Public Speaking Workshop (Grades 8-12) - Examine the qualities of great public speakers and develop basic public speaking skills.



    Science Camps

    • Meteorology Camp (6-8) - Join us for lab activities and field experiments to expand your knowledge of atmospheric sciences.
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    Deanna Bosley
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