Campus Cafe Price List

Grab and Go
Yogurt Cup $1.55
Fresh Fruit Cup $2.55
Pudding Cup $2.40
Whole Fruit $.95
Chips $.95
Tasty Kake $1.70
Soft Pretzel $.70
Cookies $1.30
Brownies $1.65
Rice Krispy Treat $1.65

Bottled Soda $1.55
Bottled Water $1.25
Wawa Drinks $1.20
Fountain Beverages $1.30 or $1.55


Burger $3.25
Cheese Burger $3.40
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.55
Breaded Chicken Sandwich $3.55
Cheese Steak $4.10
Chicken Cheese Steak $4.10
Chicken Fingers $4.00
French Fries $2.10


Plain Slice $2.30
Topped Slice $2.55

Deli Sandwich $4.25
Panini Sandwich $5.25

Spinning Salad Station
Salad with no Protein $4.75
Salad with Protein $5.95

Paul Sheridan
Pre-Pay Meal Program

For your convenience, the Cafe at Penn State Abington offers a pre-paid meal. Enjoy both ease of use and ease of mind by pre-paying for your camper's meals. A discount is applied to full week meal blocks when purchased together!


Daily menu will include: choice of grilled chicken, cheeseburger, cheese pizza, chicken tenders or turkey sandwich




Choice of french fries, apple wedges or side salad




choice of 20oz fountain beverage or bottle of water



Complete Meal: $6.26 per day


Save 5% when purchasing 1 complete week - only $29.75


Save 10% when purchasing 2 complete weeks - only $56.25

Purchase meal plan tickets

Via cash or check payable to CulinArt Inc.


For more information, contact Paul Sheridan, 215-881-7679,