jennifer miller"Having received my Nursing Diploma and Associates degree 16 years ago, I was very nervous about enrolling in school again. The RN-BSN program at Penn State is the best thing that has happened for my academic career."


"The staff support is above and beyond my expectations. Even with a part-time Nursing postion and two young children, I am exceling in the program and enjoying it as well!

- Jennifer Miller, RN

Caleb Foy"As a new Penn State student I found the whole Admissions staff and process to be proficient, helpful and very prompt in responding to any questions and concerns that I had."


"I'm very excited to pursue my BSN Degree at Penn State University."

- Caleb Foy, RN





Mena Mata"I had a really positive experience that I can't compare to anywhere else. The professors, instructor, and support staff were very understanding of my busy life outside of school"


"I recommended Penn State Abington to all of my friends."

- Mena Mata, RN