Nursing (RN to B.S.) Testimonials

three nurses

"The Penn State RN to BSN program has been an easy and stress-free transition. The online classes make it easy for me to work full time and still be at home with my family. I enjoy the friendly interaction with the professors, who make class interesting. I would recommend the PSU program to anyone who is considering going back to school. Not only do you get a great education, but you get that education from a renowned university."  -  Michele Pohar, RN
"Penn State RN to BSN program has been such a positive experience. The night classes work extremely well with my work schedule and the professors are so accommodating. I would recommend this program to anyone who is considering going back to school." - Katie Schaffer, RN

"Enrolling in the RN to BS degree program at Penn State has been a great experience for me. Being able to attend this program with my two friends helped make the transition smooth and motivated each of us."  - Colleen Schrack, RN



jennifer miller

"Having received my Nursing Diploma and Associates degree 16 years ago, I was very nervous about enrolling in school again. The RN-BS program at Penn State is the best thing that has happened for my academic career."

"The staff support is above and beyond my expectations. Even with a part-time Nursing postion and two young children, I am exceling in the program and enjoying it as well!

- Jennifer Miller, RN



Caleb Foy

"As a new Penn State student I found the whole Admissions staff and process to be proficient, helpful and very prompt in responding to any questions and concerns that I had."

"I'm very excited to pursue my BSN Degree at Penn State University."

- Caleb Foy, RN






"I had a really positive experience that I can't compare to anywhere else. The professors, Mena Matainstructor, and support staff were very understanding of my busy life outside of school"

"I recommended Penn State Abington to all of my friends."

- Mena Mata, RN