Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

What undergraduate programs in Nursing does Penn State Abington offer?

The RN to B.S. in Nursing program is for individuals who have already completed an associate degree in Nursing or a diploma program and want to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students who are new to the field of nursing may be interested in learning about the nursing partnerships between Penn State Abington and local nursing diploma schools.  Click here to learn more. Incoming first year students interested in Nursing, you may also apply to Penn State for direct admission to the undergraduate nursing degree (available at the following campuses: University Park, Altoona, Behrend (Erie), Fayette, Mont Alto, and Worthington Scranton). 

What are the admission requirements?

Applicants must provide evidence of completion of an accredited RN program and request reenrollment (if previous Penn State student) or complete the Penn State admission application. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required.


How do I apply?


See the following link for information on applying to Penn State:

There will be a $50.00 application fee for the Nursing (RN to B.S.) Degree (aka NURN).

In addition, there will be a $230 acceptance fee when you are offered admission to Penn State University.  Of this, $100 will be refunded to you when you graduate. This $100 that remains in your student account is called the general deposit fee.

II. APPLYING FOR REENROLLMENT (if you were previously a degree student at Penn State University)

Go to

Please print the completed form and follow mailing instructions to the Registrar at the campus you plan to attend (either Abington: Attn Stayce Shaffert, or World Campus: Attn Monica Mahoney).  You will have to replenish your general deposit of $100.00 after you begin. This $100.00 will be refunded to you when you graduate. Please include a copy of your current RN license with your reenrollment form plus the $20.00 reenrollment fee.


Follow the instructions in Part I. You are applying as a non-degree student seeking degree status.

Once you are offered admission, you will need to pay a $100 acceptance fee. This will be refunded to you when you graduate.


What are the costs?

Tuition plus technology fee is charged. See the Bursar website for specific information.

Is Financial Aid available?

Check the Financial Aid website for details on all options available. A minimum of six credits per semester is required for aid.

How many courses are required?

There are seven required nursing courses plus two nursing elective courses required for the RN-BS degree (28 total credits). Other General Education requirements may apply.

Are transfer credits accepted?

All transfer credits will be evaluated, regardless of how long ago the courses were taken.

How long will it take to earn my degree?

The degree is designed to be flexible. It depends on the individual student and how many courses are taken per semester. Most students finish between one and two years.

Are there clinical requirements?

There are three courses with clinical activity related requirements: Nurs 417, Nurs 465 and Nurs 475.


Can I take any courses online while completing my degree at Abington?


Multiple Campus Registration

Each campus creates its course schedule with the goal of serving students enrolled at that campus. Likewise, each student is assigned a home campus at which the student must be registered.

Students first register for courses offered by their home campus. In order to take a World Campus course, you must take the majority of courses or an equal number of courses at Abington. Permission to register for course(s) at World Campus or any other campus is required from the non-home campus. Campuses first ensure that all of their students have an opportunity to register before allowing students from other campuses to enroll in their courses. For this reason, many campuses limit registration for students from other campuses to several days prior to the course begin date.

If an Abington student wants to take a course(s) through World Campus either in the spring or fall semesters, the student contacts World Campus (800-252-3592) for permission. From the menu, select #1, then #2. Once permission has been granted, the course(s) will be added to the student's schedule. For the summer semesters, students can register on elion, using WD as the campus code for World Campus.

If multi-campus registration results in the majority of a student's credits being scheduled at a campus other than the home campus, the student must request a temporary change of campus, as outlined in AAPP D-5, Early and Temporary Change of Campus. When students change their schedules and the result is the majority of a student's credits being scheduled at a campus other than the home campus, the temporary change of campus will be done administratively.



How is academic coursework counted towards CE?

Academic nursing credits are as follows:

• 1 trimester unit=12 CE hours

• 1 quarter unit=10 CE hours

• 1 semester unit=15 CE hours

For academic purposes, one unit is equivalent to one academic course. CE hours are per course, not per the number of credits given for the course. These academic CE hours are the same regardless of whether you are a full time, part time, Associate, Baccalaureate, Masters or Doctorate level student. Any academic courses taken must pertain to nursing. CE hours will be accepted for academic courses completed within your biennial renewal period.

For more information, please check The State Board of Nursing web site.


What graduate programs are available at Penn State?

You must have a B.S. in Nursing to be admitted to a graduate program in Nursing at Penn State. Penn State offers an online MSN degree with three options: Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adult Medical Surgical, Community Health, Nursing Administration, Gerontology, or Clinical Trials Research), Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, and Family Nurse Practitioner. A Ph.D. program is also available.

Judy Ahern
Judy Ahern