Cultural Competence for Healthcare Program Details

Cultural Competence

Healthcare systems, organizations and professionals must provide for diverse patient populations high-quality care that is safe, patient and family centered, evidenced based, and equitable. This training will assist healthcare professionals with the task of defining cultural competence within their respective organization. Strategies and exercises will be used that can be applied immediately to their workplace environment.


Fees: $395 per person


Religious Diversity/Sensitivity
Understanding a person’s religious beliefs is critical for healthcare workers as it affects patient care. This course will equip healthcare workers with religious sensitivity training that includes end of life rituals, cultural differences and religious symbolism.


Fees: $395 per person


Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare workers with limited Spanish proficiency will benefit from this course, as it provides conversational Spanish training to staff that includes but is not limited to:

  • Emergency room personnel Terminology
  • Registration staff Anatomy
  • Nurses Cultural sensitivity


Customized training is offered to cohorts based on initial language comprehension assessments (basic and intermediate).


Fees: $395 per person


40-hr medical interpreting training
Designed for new Medical Interpreters who need the mandatory 40-hour training to become certified medical interpreters. Our health care interpreting training program goes a step beyond most interpreting programs that focus on translating and include the complex cultural, social and psychological factors involved in helping people understand one another. Training will align closely with Joint Commission standards of excellence and best practices for health care settings with special emphasis on:

  • The Role of Medical Interpreters as Patient Advocates
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness
  • Ethical dilemmas


Medical Interpreter National Certification Exam Prep
Medical Interpreters will receive training that will prepare them to take the National Certification Medical Interpreting exam. Topics include medical terminology, ethic, cultural awareness and other test-related topics.


ESL: The Next Level
Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL)  is designed to introduce participants to forms and functions of English and to develop English literacy skills with a focus on effective communication in the healthcare/medical environment. To develop vocabulary (words and expressions) critical to communication in the medical professions. Classroom instruction will integrate lessons in English as a Second Language (reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar) with English for Specific Purposes (medical professions). The teacher will use a variety of student-centered, communicative activities that require meaningful vocabulary and language structures to be used in practical ways.



  • To advance students’ proficiency of English in spoken and written forms
  • To advance the development of students’ listening and speaking skills
  • To develop students’ understanding of work-related documents (medical forms, insurance documents, pharmaceutical information, etc.)
  • To develop social interaction skills appropriate for the healthcare environment
  • To practice pronunciation of English sounds and conversational idioms
  • To introduce students to the ways in which nonverbal behaviors function in the communication process in organizational settings


Fees: $800 per person

Supervision Essentials for healthcare: Advancing Leadership for Healthcare


Supervision Essentials for Nurse Managers and Other Health Care Professionals is designed to help you develop the skills you need to be an effective supervisor in the health care arena. This will provide a solid foundation for newly appointed supervisors and help more experienced supervisors advance to the next level of performance.

  • Build valuable work relationships and develop a personal leadership style
  • Learn how to manage your time effectively
  • Select and develop high-performance employee

Fees: $2390 per person


Diversity 2.0
A workshop with interactive presentations, discussions, interaction, assessments and action plans. Topics include: integrating diversity into strategic planning; cultural intelligence and leadership; intercultural communication styles; supervisor and supervisee; bridging the communication gap; how gender and generation affect communication; managing change with diverse participants.


Fees: $395 per person

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