Parking Regulations

Permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror at the start of the new semester.


Vehicles must be parked in the designated areas on the campus map.


Vehicles must be between the two parking lines.


All vehicles are operated and parked at the risk of the operator/owner.


Substitute vehicles must display a temporary permit which is available in 107 Rydal Bldg.


Observe 15 MPH speed limit.


Failure to register vehicle(s) for current school year.


Failure to display permit properly.


Failure to park in designated areas, including parking in a restricted or no parking zone.


Others: reckless driving, removing license plate, removing permit, using old tickets to avoid detection, parking on campus between 11pm and 7am. (curfew violation)


Traffic violations issued to vehicles registered with the Security/Safety Dept. are the resposibility of the permit holder, no matter who is operating the vehicle.

Security/Safety Office

107 Rydal Bldg