Housing Opportunities, Rental Information

Apartment Complexes: Apartment complexes in and around the Abington area are convenient for Penn State students.  We only list places within a five-mile perimeter of our campus because it is the philosophy of our office that the closer our students are to campus the better their connection to the campus and their college experience.


Non-Apartment Complex Rentals: Community listings of housing options in and around the Abington area for Penn State students.


FAQs: Frequently asked questions from living options to finding a roommate.


Roommate Advice: Things to think about when you are looking for a roommate.


Tenant Issues: Tips to protect yourself as a renter.


The Penn State Abington Off-Campus Housing Information provides Penn State Abington students with information on apartments and rentals in the area. This information is provided as a resource only. Penn State University does not solicit, select, promote, or investigate these facilities. The University assumes no responsibility or liability for the personal safety of student renters, loss or damage to personal property, or the arbitration of disputes between students and property owner. Interested persons should thoroughly investigate each opportunity before entering into an agreement with a leaser.


Dan Kim, the Off Campus Housing Coordinator is available to answer any questions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from noon until 5:00pm. Any messages left after 5:00pm on Friday will be returned the following Wednesday.

If you need assistance on Monday or Tuesday please contact Tracy Reed, the Assistant Director of Student Life, at tmreed@psu.edu or call 215-881-7508.

Gina Kaufman
Gina Kaufman