Being a tenant

To make sure that you are protected as a renter, take all necessary precautions. Never sign anything without thoroughly reading all of the information. If you don’t understand something, make sure someone else reviews it with you and explains it fully. Always know your rights as a renter!


  • Apartment Walk Through-: Do this right before or right after moving in to see what the apartment should look like and include after you move out.
  • Sample Lease Contract- This is a sample of what a lease could look like between you and your landlord. Make sure you read your lease thoroughly before signing.
  • Sample Sublease Contract-: This is a sample of a sublease that you could sign or have someone else sign to take over your lease. Both parties must read the sublease thoroughly before signing. Remember that subleasing is only appropriate if approved by the landlord.


The Penn State Abington Off-Campus Housing Information provides Penn State Abington students with information on apartments and rentals in the area. This information is provided as a resource only. Penn State University does not solicit, select, promote, or investigate these facilities. The University assumes no responsibility or liability for the personal safety of student renters, loss or damage to personal property, or the arbitration of disputes between students and property owner. Interested persons should thoroughly investigate each opportunity before entering into an agreement with a leaser.

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