Penn State Abington

Resources on campus and in the community

Resources On Campus

Counseling Services
A part time Clinical Psychologist is available to all Penn State Abington students. The counseling office is located in 102 A Lares. Contact Health Services at 215-881-7350 to get a referral.

Health Services
Students can stop by the Health & Wellness Center in 103 Lares or call 215-881-7350 to access any of these emotional support services.

Personal Support Team (PST)
The PST consists of faculty and staff available to lend short-term support to students in distress. This is not a professional counseling service. Students may contact any PST member to set up an appointment.

Donna Monk, Chair, 103 Lares, x7350
Carol DeBunda 205 Lares, x7512
Jacqueline Payrow, 106 Sutherland, x7391
Jose Rodriguez, 208 Lares, x7501
Dr. Fran Sessa, 235c Woodland, x7361
Marla Stalone 106 Sutherland, x7344

A Place to Talk (APTT)
APTT is a peer to peer counseling club where students can seek confidential support from a fellow student trained in listening skills. This service is open to any student seeking anonymous support, resources or referral to other on campus services.

Resources in the Community

Aldersgate is a private, non-profit social service agency located at 42 North York Rd., Willow Grove, PA 19090. Any student in distress may be referred through Health Services for 3 counseling sessions paid by Penn State Abington. If further treatment is required, the student is responsible for ongoing fees on a sliding scale.

The Growth Opportunity Center is a community counseling center located at 2910 Franks Rd. HuntingdonValley, PA, 19006. Any student in distress may be referred through Health Services for 2 counseling sessions paid by Penn State Abington. Agency will accept most insurance should students continue in treatment.

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