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Penn State Abington sophomore Sasha Thomas investigated the social phenomenon known as the "Better Than Average Effect," zeroing in on dog and cat owners as her project for Abington Undergraduate Research Activities. Her findings? Dog owners tend to think their canines are above average, while cat owners don't.
The Office of the Vice Provost for Education Equity announced the University programs that will be supported by Equal Opportunity Planning Committee funding in summer 2015 and academic year 2015-16.
Penn State Abington athletics scores and achievements for the week of March 29, 2015.
Three Penn State Abington student researchers embarked on a journey through medieval China this year, tracing the healing paths of six Buddhist medical monks by painstakingly translating ancient texts. Their work with a faculty mentor through the Abington College Undergraduate Research Activities (ACURA) program will help deepen understanding of this unique aspect of Asian culture.
Penn State Abington student Cadman Herbert fulfilled his Expo-tential: He impressed a recruiter at the college's Career Expo, secured an internship and converted the position into a job. He, like many other Abington students and alumni, prepared for the event with advice from the Abington Career Development Center staff.
Ronald Zigler, associate professor of educational psychology at Penn State Abington, just published “The Educational Prophecies of Aldous Huxley: The Visionary Legacy of 'Brave New World,' 'Ape and Essence' and 'Island.'” It's the first book to focus exclusively on the classic novels as well as an interdisciplinary examination of their relevance in the world today.
Seven faculty scholars university-wide have received Fulbright awards for the 2014-15 cycle, which continues Penn State’s strong representation in the program.
As part of Penn State’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about sexual violence, the University is marking Sexual Assault Awareness month in April, with events slated to take place at campuses across the Commonwealth. Those events include lectures, film screenings, self-defense training, “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” events and other educational programs.
Penn State faculty members and students will play an important role in a Philadelphia park renovation project by studying the impact renovations will have on visitors and the neighboring community.
Beth Montemurro, associate professor of sociology, will present "Love, American Style: The Evolution of Courtship and Dating" at 12:30 p.m. April 2 in Schlow Centre Region Library in State College as part of the Research Unplugged lecture series.
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