Apply to the Art Program

New PSU Applicants


NOTE: New PSU Applicants may be eligible for the Abington Art Scholarship >>


A New PSU Applicant may be:

  • An incoming first-year student
  • A transfer student from a non-PSU campus
  • A non-degree OR provisional student applying for degree status for the first time


New PSU Applicants work with Admissions to complete the portfolio submission process. Contact Marla Stallone, Enrollment Management Counselor for Art:


New PSU Applicant portfolio submission deadlines:

  • For Summer or Fall admission, between October 10 and January 10
  • For Spring admission, between September 15 and November 1




Current PSU Students


If applying to the Art major, a Current PSU Student may be completing:

  • Pre-major (ABHSS) progress toward Major Requirements for Art
  • A Change of Major (switching to Art from another Penn State Abington major)
  • A Change of Major and Change of Campus (from another PSU major and location)
  • Re-enrollment (as a former PSU student enrolling in Art for the first time)
  • A Concurrent Degree (a double major with Art as one of the programs)


Current PSU Students must:


Portfolio submission deadline:

  • Consult with your academic adviser: portfolios are accepted on a rolling basis, but are usually submitted at the end of the semester in which the student expects to conclude Prescribed Course studio requirements. This permits enrollment in major courses the following semester.