Admissions Requirements to University Park Majors and Other Campuses

Your application to transfer to Penn State will be evaluated upon the following criteria:

Choosing a campus to enter and to graduate

You may enter Penn State Abington, then “transition” to complete your Penn State degree at University Park or another Penn State campus.  Your academic adviser will help. 


Students from other colleges can apply to “transfer” directly to University Park or another campus.  Not all majors are available to transfer students.

Meeting the minimum GPA

We will review your application based on your GPA from all of your previous colleges, as calculated by Penn State. When a student repeats a course, both grades are included.  You must meet the “entrance to major” GPA.  Some majors are more competitive than others.

Meeting the Entrance to Major Course Requirements

You must take certain courses to be admitted to the major.  See the Transfer Requirements by College.  The Smeal College of Business at Penn State University Park has specific admissions criteria, and other business-related majors are available

Meeting the High School Course Requirements

You must have completed certain high school courses, including math or foreign language.  The policy includes the complete list of the required high school courses.  Students who are deficient should plan to make up the course work before entering Penn State.  In some cases, accommodations are made at Penn State for adult students.

Students who do not meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to contact Jackie Payrow, Transfer Counselor, at 215-881-7391 or to discuss alternative methods of entering the University.

Jackie Payrow
Jackie Payrow
Transfer Counselor
Helpful Notes

Depending on the major, most students must complete 60 credits or two years of full-time study prior to enrolling at University Park or another campus.

For a baccalaureate degree, 36 out of the last 60 credits must be earned from Penn State (18 out of 30 for the associate degree).

You should investigate your housing at the second campus prior to making the change of campus.