Off-Campus Living: Financial Aid

In addition to grants, scholarships, and student Stafford loans, how can I get extra funding for off-campus expenses? The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is available to parents of dependent undergraduate students.

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Private Alternative Loans are managed through lenders, which are issued in the student’s name and require a co-signer. Eligibility, rates, terms, and conditions vary.

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How can I use financial aid for rent and other expenses?

Financial aid that exceeds tuition and fees can be used for other expenses such as books, rent, and transportation. Penn State will refund the credit balance within two weeks of either the date the aid was credited to the student’s account or the first day of the semester, whichever is later. For the quickest delivery of this refund, students should sign up for Rapid Refund through eLion.

When can I be considered a Pennsylvania resident for tuition purposes?

A student whose presence in the Commonwealth is primarily for educational purposes shall be presumed to be a non-Pennsylvania resident for tuition purposes. A student requesting reclassification as a Pennsylvania resident for tuition purposes must demonstrate with clear and convincing evidence that his/her domicile is in Pennsylvania and that his/her presence in Pennsylvania is not primarily for educational purposes.

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Debbie Meditz
Debbie Meditz