Where will I live?


Will anyone help me find housing?


How will I make friends?


How will I adjust to college and to living on my own or with roommates?


How can I find a roommate?



Where will I live?


There are several local apartments within a short distance (no more than 5 miles) of the Penn State Abington campus available for student living and listed on the Apartment Complex listing page. On the Off Campus Housing Page, you can find full listings with all pertinent information. These same resources are found on the website on the "Finding Housing page" students can access listings of apartment complexes and non-apartment complex rentals.

Will anyone help me find housing?


Penn State Abington holds an apartment fair every spring that provides students with information and invites apartment managers from the area to speak with students.


The Off Campus Housing Coordinator and other members of the Student Life Office are available to answer questions about living in the area and to help provide information about the apartments in the area. We may be unable to offer opinions on where to live, but we can help narrow down options if the student is looking for specific features or amenities.


The Off Campus Housing Coordinator also manages the Housing Facebook page. It is the best place to find a roommate and to ask questions about the different apartments. To join the page send your request by email to dankim@psu.edu with your PSU ID number and a link to your Facebook page.


Dan Kim, the Off Campus Housing Coordinator is available to answer any questions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from noon until 5:00pm. Any messages left after 5:00pm on Friday will be returned the following Wednesday. He can be reach via email at dankim@psu.edu and by phone (215) 881-7510

How will I make friends?


Penn State Abington is a warm and welcoming campus so it won’t be hard to get to know people. By getting involved with clubs, activities, and events that go on around campus it makes it much easier to get to know others. It is also possible to meet other students at Orientation and at New Student Day. Of course, you will also meet new faces in your classes.


Also, there is a club on campus called CHAOS (Campus Housing and Any other Student), which is specifically for students who are not originally from the area. They help students to get involved and assist in getting adjusted to the Abington/Philadelphia area. Many of the students in the organization will be living off campus and are willing to help new students get ready to live on their own. In addition to CHAOS, there are other on campus organizations focusing on a variety of different interests. We have organizations focusing on public services, professional careers, student government, and more. For more information on the organizations available on campus and to even contact their members please visit:




It is the single best place to find out about all of the fun activities events happening on campus. It is also used to help students get involved with the campus organizations. The Get Connected site is a resource for you to use to learn more about the different offices on campus and what they do. The site can help you connect with on campus organization student leaders, advisors, and general members. All campus organizations post on Get Connected the events they plan. It can even help you keep track of your volunteer hours and co-curricular involvement.

How will I adjust to college and to living on my own or with roommates?


It will definitely be a new experience and different for everyone. For some the adjustment might be more difficult than for others, but there are resources that are available to you to ease the situation. Upon entering college, students will encounter many different people and situations, and should come in with an open mind. Check out these tips below:

  • Time— Everyone adjusts at a different rate. It takes time to get used to a new area and new roommates and being open to new activities and ideas will help you adjust.
  • Opportunities— Participate in activities that you enjoy while mixing it up. Taking advantage of opportunities like different clubs, classes and events that wouldn’t usually interest you is a good cultural experience. The majority of activities on campus are free, so it’s easy to get involved.
  • Resources—Penn State Abington has many resources that students can use including the Office of Student Life, the Library, Computer Labs, Health Services and an Athletics Facility. If you become active in sports, clubs, community service and events it will make it easier to meet people. The more you are involved on campus, the easier the transition. Joining the CHAOS club can help you meet people and learn about other students’ experiences that are also relocating to the area.
  • Campus—The Penn State Abington Campus has many activities. The campus is in the heart of Abington. There are restaurants, malls, coffee shops and local hangouts to explore. Taking advantage of the surrounding community will prove worthwhile.
  • Classes— There are different majors at Penn State Abington. Trying out different classes may help you realize what you want to study if you haven’t yet selected a major. Most classes are personal with about 10-15 students and provide a high level of faculty and student interaction.


How can I find a roommate?


We do not match students up with roommates, but we can help!


There is a Facebook page specifically for students who are looking for roommates. The site is for people who are looking for roommates and who are attending or will be attending Penn State Abington the following semester.


Even if you don't know anyone in the area, the Facebook page is still the best place to start looking. Through Facebook the office posts important information about activities on campus, information about living on your own, and it is the best place to ask about the different apartments. You can even ask about what it is like to live in the area.


  1. How to join Penn State Abington’s roommate Facebook:

    Sign up at www.facebook.com, if you do not already have an account.

  2. Email dankim@psu.edu with your PSU user name and a link to your Facebook page.

  3. You will then be sent a confirmation by the Facebook manager.

  4. If you do not receive a response within two business days, resend the email to abhousing@psu,edu or dankim@psu.edu with a link to your Facebook page and PSU ID number. Your may have been sent to our spam folder in error.

  5. Research through Penn State Abington’s Facebook account’s wall and members. Feel free to post on wall if searching for a roommate or housing.


If you do not have a Facebook account we suggest that you sign up for one, even if you do not use it for anything else except look for housing and roommates. If in your location Facebook is blocked, then email dankim@psu.edu for assistance.


The Penn State Abington Facebook provides Penn State Abington students with information on apartments, rentals, events and organization for living in the area. This information is provided as a resource only. Penn State University does not solicit, select, promote, or investigate these facilities. The University assumes no responsibility or liability for the personal safety of student renters, loss or damage to personal property, or the arbitration of disputes between students and property owner. Interested persons should thoroughly investigate each opportunity before entering into an agreement with a leaser or parties involved.


Dan Kim, the Off Campus Housing Coordinator is available to answer any questions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from noon until 5:00pm. Any messages left after 5:00pm on Friday will be returned the following Wednesday.

If you need assistance on Monday or Tuesday please contact Tracy Reed, the Assistant Director of Student Life, at tmreed@psu.edu or call 215-881-7508.