Off-Campus Housing

The Office of Student Life provides the following off-campus housing services:


  • General information on selecting housing
  • Information about campus events and programs
  • Education regarding students' rights and responsibilities as residents of the Abington community
  • Initiatives, programs, and committees to promote out of town students' safety and citizenship
  • Resources for those looking for housing in the area
  • Assistance to out-of-town students to transition into college life
  • Resources for all out-of-town students from the time they apply until they graduate


Housing Opportunities and Rental Information

Abington and surroundings

Know the campus


Off Campus Housing Facebook page - we have a private Facebook page that new and current students living off campus can used to connect with each other. To get invited to the page please email Gina Kaufman at your PSU ID number and a link to your Facebook page.



The following links are highly encouraged for any student that is looking to move into the area. It assists with providing questions to the information that you should be thinking about.



Gina Kaufman
Gina Kaufman
Tracy Reed
Tracy Reed