Adult/Veteran Students

Adult/Veteran Students

Penn State Abington’s enrollment includes 20% adult students.


What is Penn State's definition of an adult?


Penn State’s definition of an adult learner is a person who:

  • is 24 years of age or older; or
  • is a veteran of the armed services; or an active duty service member; or
  • is returning to school after four or more years of employment, homemaking, or other activity; or 
  • assumes multiple adult roles such as parent, spouse/partner, and employee.

These students do not have to submit any SAT scores for admission. Jackie Payrow is the counselor who assists Adults and Transfer Students.


How do military veterans apply for benefits?


Penn State Abington is a military-friendly college, approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  There are over 100 veterans attending Penn State Abington.  Penn State's Office of Veterans Programs is represented at Penn State Abington by two VA Certifying Officials.  Our office is assisted by a Penn State Abington student who is also a veteran, and we communicate well with our veteran students and veterans' representatives.  We are proud that our office works efficiently to help our veterans.


Veterans planning to use veterans' educational benefits should call our Certifying Officials at 215-881-7348.  When you submit your Certificate of Eligibility and an institutional Certification Request form, Penn State Abington can then submit your enrollment information to the Veteran's Administration. 


Veterans are welcome to contact the two VA Certifying Officials, Carole Eiben and Debbie Meditz. To receive Veterans Certification Request form, please contact Carole or Debbie.


The Transfer Counselor who works with Veterans is Jackie Payrow.


Jackie Payrow
Jackie Payrow
Debbie Meditz
Debbie Meditz
Carole  Eiben
Carole Eiben
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