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Physical Health

Managing Change and Promoting Health and Wellness
Stress is a fact of modern life. While some stress can provide the impetus needed for meeting daily challenges, too much pressure can harm one’s physical and mental well being. Fortunately, managing stress constructively can help to prevent the adverse effects of some diseases and enhance the quality of one’s life. This workshop is designed to help participants develop effective coping skills, plan personal stress management programs, and foster positive attitudes which can lead to the development of more balanced, peaceful, satisfying lifestyles.

Debora Andress

Strategies for Developing a Lifetime of Physical Activity
The human body, which is designed for movement, has not adapted well to contemporary sedentary lifestyles. In fact, seven of the top ten causes of death today are lifestyle diseases, which are due, in part, to low levels of activity. Adults know they should exercise, but many have difficulty finding the time. This workshop will teach the basics of exercise and explore ways to incorporate physical fitness into busy work schedules. Attention will focus on helping adult participants to structure personal exercise programs which are safe, reasonable, effective, and most importantly, rewarding and enjoyable.

Debora Andress

Janet Mignogno