Integrative Arts Alumni

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Here’s what some former IARAB students say about their experience in the major:


“…The environment is unconditionally supportive with an incredible team of professors making up the INART backbone, and most importantly: the capacity for inner growth is limitless. As a student, one will surely exceed what she/he thinks could ever be possible.  I did, and I have continued to do so ever since I declared my major.”

–Julia W.


“The Integrative Arts model at Penn State afforded me the unique opportunity to explore two passions in my educational life: Literature and Theatre.... As a teacher for the Cheltenham School District, my educational foundation in both English and Theatre (my personal Integrative Arts course of study), informs my lessons, strengthens my ability to relate to my students, and immeasurably enables me to become a better educator and human being. I am eternally grateful to Penn State for allowing me to pursue a degree so personal, that its meaning and significance will always remain a part of my life both personally and professionally.”

-Robin R.


“Penn State Abington offered me the opportunity to study and combine my interests through the Integrative Arts degree. The art faculty members were passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects and also very caring, approachable, and supportive. The studio art courses gave me a strong foundation and helped prepare me for my path in art education.”

–Alia T.