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A rare opportunity for the artistic and broad-minded student, the Integrative Arts degree (IARAB) is designed to allow students to pursue interests in the arts that transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Students who are artistic and creative thinkers with an appreciation for the visual and/or performing arts design a multi-disciplinary course of study that provides them with the tools to achieve their unique and individual academic and career goals. Equipped with an extensive liberal arts education, a student with a B.A. in Integrative Arts is prepared for such exciting careers such as medical illustration, drama therapy, and arts administration.



Integrative Arts encourages students to pursue artistic endeavors with an acute awareness that our nation faces uncertain economic times. The major allows students to keep their creative flame alive while providing a broad education transferrable to many career options. Students with an interest in the arts can deepen their appreciation of the arts while developing an expertise in other disciplines so that art can remain an active component of their professional lives.



Integrative Arts offers an affordable, high-quality, customized liberal arts education to students interested in the arts as well as other academic areas as well. The program allows majors to develop the essential analytical and technical skills artists need to succeed along with the rigorous study of another academic discipline. Through the creation of an individualized academic plan with the help of an advisor, students select the courses that will further their educational goals. The substantial task of drafting a curriculum compels the student to think more critically about the long-term applications of their education, thus inspiring a more creative and focused academic career.



  • To inspire students with an interest in art to chart their own path toward their academic destination
  • To encourage individuals with a wide variety of talents and interests to focus their energies on a specific educational goal
  • To integrate a high-quality education in the arts with other areas of study offered in the college


Integrative Arts may be right for you if the following criteria are true of you…

  • You have interest in several academic disciplines.
  • You wish to emphasize an arts area in your college education.
  • You are highly motivated to assume the responsibility of designing your own major.
  • You have explored other majors at Penn State Abington and none adequately fulfill your academic interests.