For thousands of years, men and women have studied the past to deepen their understandings of themselves, their societies, and even their futures. The study of history fosters an understanding of people with different beliefs, customs, and institutions and prepares us to evaluate current prospects and choices. The knowledge of human experience in other times and places creates the cosmopolitan perspective and ability to understand change essential for global citizenship. History graduates gain the skills needed to enter today's job market in commerce, government, media, and higher education.

Resources for Studying History in the Philadelphia Area
Penn State Abington is located in a region abundant in history and resources for historical study. Area museums, historical sites, and research institutions are particularly rich in American and East Asian history. Our faculty can help students to coordinate internship opportunities with these institutions to enrich their learning experiences and job prospects.

The History Faculty
Our faculty is involved in research on a wide geographic and temporal range, from ancient to modern times. We also have a global coverage that includes courses on American, European, and East Asian history.

Dr. Andy August
Dr. Andy August
Program Chair, History
Dr. Thomas R. Smith
Dr. Thomas R. Smith
Division Head, Arts & Humanities