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Penn State Abington is committed to providing its students meaningful opportunities to study abroad. Exposure to other cultures is a vital step toward the goal of creating global citizens.


Art Foreign Studies 199, 299, 499 explores the creation of visual and verbal response to the context of place. All classes use this context to explore and create work. Students investigate the idea of site and place as they apply to historical perspectives and contemporary art making practices. Students will be encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of traditional and nontraditional materials and methods to develop their own personal vocabulary of practical techniques promoting and developing self-expression and discovery. The content of the courses offered and the grading criteria will vary according to level.


ART 199

Students receive a series of journal/sketchbook-based assignments that experiment with a variety of materials and methods used to create visual images. Students are required to keep class notes in their journal/ sketchbook, responding to class discussions, readings, experimentations of introduced materials, and reflections on their experience abroad.


ART 299

Students complete assignments inspired by readings, discussions, journal entries and sites; the topics of these ideas are developed while abroad. Individual and group meetings upon return help students develop final projects.


ART 499

Students generate ideas for a final project, meet at specific times for advanced critiques and discuss independent study work incorporating some of the introduced mediums.


The Embedded Model

Traditionally “Study Abroad” meant that students spent a semester in another country and attended classes at an accredited University. The Pennsylvania State University Embedded Programs of Study Abroad are viable alternatives as they offer solid academic international experiences at a reasonable cost and with a reduced time
commitment. Embedded programs are generally 8-10 days in length.


Students who are enrolled in an embedded program are taking an internationally focused class while being enrolled full time during the same semester. Embedded programs are “anchored” on Penn State Abington’s campus at the beginning and the end of the course. The international component generally takes place mid-semester. Course material and lectures prepare students both academically and culturally for the short international excursion to the country of focus in the program.


The goal of the embedded programs is to “embed” the students into the life and culture of the university and the country they visit. Therefore, including international faculty and students at the host institution in academic and cultural activities is highly regarded.



Students will be responsible for all international programs costs which include round trip airfare, local transportation, lodging and most meals except breakfasts and the welcome and farewell meals. The total program cost is estimated at $3,300. This cost is in addition to the cost of spring tuition. Grants and scholarship monies are available through Penn State Abington and the Office of Global Programs at University Park.


Passports and Visas: A valid passport is required for international travel. United States citizens do not require a visa to travel to most of the countries visited by the Art Program. Non-US citizens may require a visa in addition to their national passport and should consult their embassy for information.



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For more information, contact Bonnie Levinthal, Yvonne Love, or Dr. Dolores Arevalo