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The term New Media has come to define visual art crafted with digital tools. Yet all media have at some point been new, and while digital media are among the most novel in the visual art toolbelt, the impulse to use them is as old as humanity. We still tell stories, having simply replaced the flicker of the campfire with that of the monitor.


At the same time, in a manner without parallel in history, digital media have democratized and globalized our stories, fundamentally changing the terms of exchange between artist and audience.


The New Media area of concentration introduces artists to the tools at the core of this revolution, grounding digital practice in strategic, theoretical, and critical frameworks.


Starting with vector and raster graphics, students develop facility with multimedia, interactive, 3D modeling, and time-and-motion expressions. Throughout the program, relationships between digital and tactile worlds are explored through various output strategies including print, projection, website production, and digital fabrication. Unique to the Penn State program are studios exploring hybridization with traditional media such as installation art and printmaking.


Contact: William Cromar
Coordinator, newMedia
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New Media Concentration Courses


ART 201            Introduction to  Digital Arts: Computer Graphics (3 cr)
ART 211Y          Introduction to Digital Art and Design Criticism (3 cr) – online course
ART 314            Computer 3D: Modeling, Rendering and Animation (4 cr/sem, max 12)
ART 315            New Media Art: New Media Studio (4 cr)
ART 343            New Media Printmaking* (4 cr)
ART 415            Integrating Media: Convergence in Practice (4 cr/sem, max 12)


*cross-listed with Printmaking