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The Drawing + Painting concentration is dedicated to an interdisciplinary, multimedia approach to making art that embraces painting, drawing, installation, and computer-generated image making.


The Drawing + Painting area encourages personal exploration related to all art forms, but maintains the practice of painting as the point of departure. All methods of painting and drawing are encouraged. Knowledge of the history of art along with an understanding of current issues affecting art is expected, alongside experimentation in materials, content, and format.


The faculty is composed of dedicated professional artists who are also committed educators. They provide multiple points of view and continually offer opportunities for students to view the work of professional artists in the Philadelphia metropolitan area as well as to present their own work for critique.


The goal of the painting area is to equip undergraduate students with the means to embark upon a career in the visual arts and to help them understand their own potential as visual artists.


Contact: Bonnie Levinthal
Coordinator, Drawing and Painting
Professional Artist Website



Drawing + Painting Concentration Courses


ART 220  |  Figure Drawing (3 cr)
ART 250  |  Beginning Oil Painting (3 cr)
ART 320  |  Advanced Drawing (4 cr/sem, max 8)
ART 350  |  Intermediate Painting (4 cr/sem, max 8)
ART 421  |  Drawing (4 cr/sem, max 12)
ART 422  |  Advanced Figure Drawing (4 cr/sem, max 8)
ART 450  |  Advanced Painting (4 cr/sem, max 12)