Administration of Justice

Abington’s Administration of Justice Program prepares students for a career in today's increasingly complex justice system.


Offering a wide array of criminal justice courses, our program focuses on several key components of the justice system:


  •  how the criminal justice system is organized and operates 
  •  basic research methods for investigative purposes 
  •  criminology, and other philosophical, historical, and legal underpinnings of criminal justice


Both Bachelor of Science (AJSAB) and Bachelor of Arts (AJAAB) degrees are available.


The Bachelor of Science degree includes an internship experience option and is designed to build research and policy analysis skills. The Bachelor of Arts degree provides students with a broad education that includes foreign language skills.

Dr. David Ruth
Dr. David Ruth
Division Head, Social Sciences
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Graduate from Penn State Abington or transition to an upper-division location like University Park to complete a degree in Crime, Law and Justice.

Graduates have a wide range of career opportunities including: policing and investigations, security, social services, corrections, juvenile justice, and law.