SGA Candidates 2014 -15

See personal and campaign statements for Abington Student Government Association candidates who are running for for President, Vice-President and Secretary.


Vote here starting Monday, March 17 - Thursday, March 20, 5pm.


Awele Ajufo

presidentI am choosing to run for SGA President for the academic year 2014-2015. The desire to be SGA president has been in me ever since I applied for the SGA Events Chair Position in 2013. With a hope of being President, I knew it would be important to get to know the campus as much as possible, despite being a 1st year student. Staying actively involved with SGA and maintaining close relations with the current SGA President has allowed me to get a better know of what the position entails.

I have also been given the opportunity to be on the Student Activity Fee Board, sit in on Feasibility meetings, and attend numerous CCSG meetings at University Park. Of course, these opportunities and commitments are nothing compared to those that come along with presidency but I believe they have helped make me more informed about Penn State Abington as well as the university as a whole. I also believe that my leadership skills that led me to be Vice President of a community service club of over 300 students at my high school will also pass along to me being able to be effective in the position of president. My determination and dedication as an individual as well as my public speaking experience will enable me to connect with those apart of and affected by the Penn State community and offer them the best that I can.

I hope to further continue the successes of SGA as well as bring a unique insight to the Penn State Abington community that includes more student awareness and involvement of University wide issues. Ultimately, I hope to accomplish all steps along the way in order to better Penn State Abington.

Vice President

Maria Kravets


vice presidentMy name is Maria Kravets and I’m running for office for a few reasons. My first year at Penn State Abington has been nothing short of extraordinary as I’ve met many new people, experienced new things, and learned new material. All of these factors have contributed to the huge adoration I have for this school and especially this campus. I’ve attended every CCSG that has been held so far so I am also knowledgeable about events going on at other campuses. Simply put, I have a genuine interest in progressing the well-being of the Abington campus and I really care that its students are happy in their learning and social environments. I’ve previously served two years as homeroom representative in high school as well as one year as vice president of French Honor Society.


I can communicate my thoughts well especially because English has always been my favorite and best subject. I can also speak Russian fluently, something that may prove useful when communicating with international students. I am a Lion ambassador so I have a good understanding about the campus and where everything is located and hope to be an orientation leader so I can meet many other prospective students. I am organized, hard working, and creative and believe that no task should ever be fulfilled with anything less than all of my vigor. I’ve served as Public Relations Chair for SGA this year and I love working with other members of SGA and using my creativity and social skills to help get things done. With all that being said, my love for this campus and its people will help me in making it better for future students, faculty, and staff and I will wholly enjoy my position every step of the way.


Dan Michael Fauni

secretaryHaving been a member of various student organizations around campus, I have had the privilege of knowing and working with excellent student leaders. In doing so, I have been inspired to seek election to an SGA executive position.


In migrating from the Philippines, I bring with me a wealth of cultural experience and international experience. This applies to a campus demographic which has one of the most diverse demographics around the commonwealth. I also have various close connections with different organizations around campus such as MSA and LEAP among many others. Being bilingual aids me in this endeavor, as I have a relationship with many students from many backgrounds.


In terms of credibility and personal background, I have been an active member of various campus organizations for three years such as LEAP, Spring Fest and Fall Fest Committees. I also have executive experience in an organization as I have served as the Multimedia director of LEAP for a year. Having been a member of student life for three years, ever since my freshman year, I am acclimated to the various challenges this may entitle. I have firm understanding of university bureaucracy and regulations.


James C. High IV

treasurerI am James Clayton High IV better known as JC. I am a sophomore majoring in Corporate Communications and Letters Arts and Science (focusing on Human  Language, Culture, and Communication).  I currently live in Glenside, PA but I am an out-of-state student from North East, MD. I am wanting to become the SGA Treasurer for this coming school year because


I know that I can be a large help to all clubs and organizations here at Penn State Abington. Throughout this school year I have been the Financial Director of Lares Entertainment and Programming and have learned the policies/procedures that are needed to assist the university. Thus, why wouldn't I want to take on this role to better assist my school? I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because of my previous experiences and my general knowledge of numbers.

Gina Kaufman
Gina Kaufman